The Briiv Air Purifier emerges as the ultimate eco-air-purifier for the eco-minded. Presenting a beautiful centrepiece with life-affirming green tech for any home.

BRIIV - Award-Winning Eco-Air-Purifier

Briiv's innovation is one of the rare examples that sustainable products can be as useful, as they are beautiful. More than just a gorgeous centrepiece for your home, the Briiv Air Purifier gives you access to the proven health benefits of cleaner air. Better sleep, improved cognitive thinking, and sharper concentration are just some of the advantages to obtain from a purified atmosphere. 

The green credentials of the product make it the ultimate badge of honour for any eco-minded person. Having one of these units symbolizes your commitment to circular design and environmentalism and is a huge visual stance against conventional plastic polluting product producers.

The gross overuse of plastics and non-biodegradable materials in contemporary manufacturing is an issue, for which eco-conscious consumers and the planet need solutions. Briiv seeks to innovate in the HVAC industry, offering consumers and businesses the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint and create healthier environments for themselves in the process. Briiv aims to champion never before developed technologies and processes, to shift the industry focus to more sustainable methodologies, forever.

“Briiv has received ecoMVMNT’s Environmental Seal of Approval for producing an award-winning air purifier with materials that are recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable”, says Paul Bolté, Managing Partner of ecoMVMNT, “Briiv is committed to being a carbon-neutral company and giving back by planting one tree for every product sold.”

Briiv Expanding To Canadian Retail Stores  

Thanks to the successful launch of Briiv, ecoMVMNT is introducing Briiv's award-winning eco-air-purifier to home, environmental, and health-wellness retail stores in Canada and invite West of Main to be part of Briiv's 2023 expansion.    

About Briiv
Briiv a U.K. company founded in 2020, utilizes emerging and cutting-edge green technologies to re-engineer modern appliances with recyclable and biodegradable parts and materials offering consumers a planet-saving alternative choice that is also beautifully designed in the process.

About ecoMVMNT
ecoMVMNT, a Canadian eco-e-commerce company, researches eco-friendly consumer products and has a results-based process for evaluating a company’s eco-product(s) in determining if they receive ecoMVMNT’s “Environmental Seal of Approval” before marketing environmentally approved products to eco-conscious consumers. 

For More Details Contact:  Paul Bolté, Managing Partner, ecoMVMNT


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