ecoMVMNT (formerly Eco6ix) was a concept born in 2020 between myself and my best friend during the height of a COVID-19 lockdown in Toronto. We were out for a walk and chatted about the “new world” we’re all facing but at the same time noticed discarded plastic masks.

As entrepreneurs, we saw an opportunity to deal with this huge ‘problem’ and to find a ‘solution’ to what was obviously becoming a ‘Tsunami of Plastic Pollution’, but also how we could make a difference for future generations and pass along a healthier and cleaner planet.   

During the marketing and selling of our Eco-Mask in 2021 we focused on educating and raising the awareness of climate pollution to our customers.  Thanks to our customers’ feedback, we are now in a position to expand our eco-categories and eco-products that can make a difference for our environment.  We're also strong supporters of giving back so a portion of our sales will be going to environmental charitable organizations as well as local community charities that help people in need.

“Inspiring Canadians and the entire world to be part of the movement in making our planet a cleaner and safer place to live in now and for future generations”

Paul Bolté
ecoMVMNT - Managing Partner