ecoMVMNT Partnership with Trees For Life
ecoMVMNT is a strong advocate for a cleaner environment.  As we face serious air pollution problems, ecoMVMNT recognizes Trees For Life's (TFL) leadership for a cleaner environment by planting trees across Canada.  To-date TFL has planted over 3.1 million trees, including the nearly 2.5 million planted with support raised through the Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign. Their efforts have helped to provide more oxygen and less carbon in our atmosphere for current and future generations. ecoMVMNT is proud to be partnering with TFL in their vision and mission to continue to plant millions of more trees across Canada. 

TFL's 2024 Goal and ecoMVMNT's Commitment
  • In 2024, TFL's goal is to plant over 150,000 trees across Canada.  To help TFL reach their goal please donate to Trees for Life and in-return you will receive a charitable tax receipt.
  • ecoMVMNT's Commitment to a Cleaner Environment is when you place an order at ecoMVMNT we will help plant a tree on your behalf to Trees for Life.