ecoMVMNT’s mission and focus is to be part of the environmental solution and the gold standard for consumers to turn to for unique and desirable eco-friendly products.

ecoMVMNT, a proudly Canadian company, researches eco-friendly consumer products and has a results-based process for evaluating a company’s eco-product(s) in determining if they receive ecoMVMNT’s “Environmental Seal of Approval”.

ecoMVMNT is seeking affiliate partners that live in Canada and have a passion for being part of the ecoMVMNT. Our partnership focus is for an affiliate ambassador to market, promote and sell specific eco-products that ecoMVMNT has Canadian distribution exclusivity.

Last year was ecoMVMNT’s first full year in business and in 2024 we will be introducing more quality eco-certified products and continue to grow exponentially with the support of our new affiliate partners.

If you are interested in being an Affiliate Partner please email us at