Special Event @ Indigo Toronto Store

A special Saturday or Sunday morning event with ecoMVMNT's Briiv Air Purifier and Jay of EveryJayLiving.

Mindful Breathing Session
Featuring Briiv

  • Anxiety and Mindful Breathing session with Jay*
  • Briiv Air Purifier - introduction & benefits with Paul
  • 20-30 minutes

    * Jay is a life coach, mindfulness guide, EFT practitioner, and Reiki Master. These roles reflect her passion for overall wellness and personal development and is dedicated to helping others.  Jay is proudly known as 'everyjayliving' on multiple social media platforms and has over 400,000 followers 
    Instagram - @everyjayliving

    Indigo Gift Basket
    How to Make a Self-Soothing Kit

    After the Mindful Beathing-Briiv Session, Jay can create an Indigo holiday gift basket using your Five Senses (Sight, Touch, Taste, Sound, Smell) 
    • Sight:  books, photos albums
    • Touch:  stress ball, hand lotion, socks
    • Sound:  music, phone accessories
    • Taste:  snacks
    • Smell:  candles, essential oils