The Sequent Swiss SolarCharger SmartWatch emerges as the ultimate SmartWatch for the eco-healthy and tech minded. Presenting the newest SolarCharger Smartwatch technology with the largest single-cell solar panel charged by natural light.   

Sequent's SolarCharger SmartWatch stays charged for up to 2 months with natural light and outdoor activities.  Made of sustainable ocean materials (case and strap) and Sapphire glass and dial.  Environmentally sustainable - 1000% carbon offset.  Waterproof up to 50m and Warranty 5 years.

SolarCharger SmartWatch & Health-Fitness App

Each Sequent SmartwWatch features the newest activity tracking technologies, heart rate sensors, SPO2 blood oxygen level monitoring, sleeping GPS tracking that records your sport sessions.


    SolarCharger SmartWatch Features

    • The largest single-cell solar panel SmartWatch charged by natural light
    • Daily activity & natural light the SolarCharger stays charged for up to 2 months
    • Made of sustainable ocean materials (case and strap) and Sapphire glass and dial
    • High-precision technology and accurate movement
    • Proudly designed and assembled in Switzerland by humans
    • Environmentally sustainable - 1000% carbon offset
    • Water resistance - 50 metres | 164 feet
    • 5-year warranty

    Sustainability and Environmental Impact

     “Sequent has received ecoMVMNT’s Environmental Seal of Approval for using recycled materials from ocean waste and sugar cane production and searching for new ways to make their product cleaner.", says Paul Bolté, Managing Partner of ecoMVMNT, “Sequent has also been certified by for offsetting its carbon footprint for the manufacturing of its products and further offsetting their carbon footprint 10 times more than required"

    For More Details Contact:  Paul Bolté, Managing Partner, ecoMVMNT
    Phone: 416-558-0353