In 2019 Canadians generated the most waste per capita of all countries - more than 1.3 billion metric tons or 36.1 tons per person.  Proudly Canadian, FoodCycler is working with municipalities and commercial businesses to reduce the volumes of food waste that they produce daily.  ecoMVMNT has given FoodCycler their “Environmental Seal of Approval” based on their proven track record of reducing food waste by up to 90% and turning food scraps into eco-friendly soil.

Municipal Solution

Reduce your residential waste tonnage by up to 50%. FoodCycler™ and ecoMVMNT can offer municipalities across North America and beyond a solution to overflowing landfills, local pests and the high cost of organic waste collection services.

Lower Solid Waste Costs

Diverting food waste can reduce trash tonnage by up to 50%. This extends the life of the landfill or reduces hauling / tipping / WTE fees. No up-front capital costs or large construction projects. 


A Cleaner Community

Food waste in the garbage creates odours and attracts pests. It also means collection has to be more frequent. Eliminate the garbage day smell and have fewer trucks driving around the community. 

Protect the Environment

Up to 40% of carbon emissions from waste are created during transport. On-site processing eliminates all emissions from transport and leaves residents with a nutrient-rich mulch for their gardens. 

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