Pebble Magazine Online Publication - Sustainability & Wellbeing
"We think briiv’s commitment to its materials having less impact means it’s head and shoulders above more traditional air purifiers like Dyson."
Love Chic Living - Home Interior & Style
"Cleaning the air in our home has been on my mind for some time. When you see a product that's a Red Dot winner you change your mind about introducing it in your home."

Our Slow Home - Sustainability & Wellbeing
"It is safe to say that this product is beautiful. The simplicity and hands-off nature of the unit makes it really practical for everyday life. It doesn't get in the way and doesn’t require assistance! We’ve also noticed FAR fewer headaches, far less sneezing due to allergies and the kids had lingering coughs before we received it both of which cleared up VERY quickly."

Emily May Designer - Home Interior
“Briiv is a great all-rounder and an ideal choice for anyone looking for an air purifier that removes mold spores. It’s perfect for the coffee table, bedside table, or any surface within your home for that matter. Overall, it’s a great option for anyone looking for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional bulky plastic air purifiers.”

Curiously Conscious - Home Interior & Sustainability
"Despite its petite size, the Briiv boasts mighty air filtering abilities. I immediately discovered that the device is incredibly efficient at removing cooking smells from the air."