"ecoMVMNT is excited to have ecoexistence selling Briiv Air Purifier at their store in the heart of Hillcrest Village in Toronto. The owner Kym has an impressive array of environmental products this Spring and you can find Briiv displayed on her front counter. Thanks, Kym!"

Briiv has won numerous environmental, tech and design awards over the last 24 months.  ecoMVMNT successfully launched Briiv in Canada in November-December 2022 and has been awarded the exclusive Canadian distributor of Briiv.


BRIIV - Award-Winning Eco-Air-Purifier

Briiv's innovation is one of the rare examples that sustainable products can be as useful, as they are beautiful. More than just a gorgeous centrepiece for your home, the Briiv Air Purifier gives you access to the proven health benefits of cleaner air. Better sleep, improved cognitive thinking, and sharper concentration are just some of the advantages to obtain from a purified atmosphere. 

The green credentials of the product make it the ultimate badge of honour for any eco-minded person. Having one of these units symbolizes your commitment to circular design and environmentalism and is a huge visual stance against conventional plastic polluting product producers.