Briiv's Four Stage Filter Process
Moss | Coconut | Carbon | Nanofibre

Briiv uses biodegradable materials in providing the best filtration results while creating a visually striking, easy to understand filter that cleans the air effectively.  Air is pulled through 4 layers, each one specially designed to capture air particles.



CADR tests are for large units in their test chambers and for 230/110V units, Briiv is a 5v unit air purifier.    Due to the size and power consumption of Briiv, the Briiv Air Purifier cannot be tested in a CADR test chamber.  Briiv has conducted both internal and external testing in defining Briiv’s efficiency at removing particles from the air.

Briiv's Testing & Results

The graph below shows the reduction in a 1 cubic meter test chamber over 10 mins with an initial low volume of fine PM2.5 fine particulate. (A similar but slightly larger version of the smoke video above.)

Briiv has a 89.9% efficiency of removing all particles after the first pass of air and and achieves a 99.8% efficiency after the second passing equal to HEPA filters.  Briiv is s capable of removing polluting particles down to 0.3 microns.


Flow Efficiency Testing

FLOW Testing Conditions
Filter configuration:  75g Moss
- 20mm Coconut natural latex fibre
- Matrix and carbon layer Pleated Box 40mm deep 100mm x 100mm
- Measured ariflow:  (51.7CFM)
- Measured particulate::  Smoke paraffin wax derived
Direct flow testing method measures the reduction of particulate in one
pass, under 2 simulated environments with a constant supply of test
particulate entering the device over a set period of time.
Environment 1: Replicates normal room environment
Environment 2: Stress test environment designed to test the filter
membranes under maximum load.
Sensors placed in the inflow and exhaust of the filters with recordings
taken at 5 second intervals, run for 10 mins and repeated 5 times on each
environment. Mean results are calculated form all the data points and
presented in the graphs shown.
Referenced Standards
- ISO 9000 Quality management systems — Fundamentals
- ISO 14644-3 Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments
- EN 1822-4 -High efficiency particulate air filters (EPA, HEPA and ULPA)
- IEST RP CC 021, Testing HEPA and ULPA Media, Inst. of Env. Science and
Technology, Arlington Hts, IL, USA
- US Military Standard 282, Filter Units, Protective Clothing
United Kingdom contact for regulatory topics only:
Briiv Air Ltd., Mabgate Business Centre, 93-99 Mabgate, LS97DR, Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

Test Reporting Conducted By
IBR Laboratories


About Briiv
Briiv a U.K. company founded in 2020, utilizes emerging and cutting-edge green technologies to re-engineer modern appliances with recyclable and biodegradable parts and materials offering consumers a planet-saving alternative choice that is also beautifully designed in the process.

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