ecoMVMNT’S goal is to be part of the environmental solution and the gold standard for consumers to turn to for unique and desirable eco-products and solutions.  To achieve this we are continuously researching innovative household products that are making a difference to our environment.

If you are in the development stages or have an eco-product that’s ready to go-to-market, please contact us.  And if you know of a company or eco-product (Canada, USA, international) that would be of interest to ecoMVMNT, please let us know.


Please click the link below and send us a message and we will contact you to get more details on your innovative eco-product(s).  After speaking with you, assessing your eco-product, and approving your eco-product to go-to-market through ecoMVMNT’s communications channels, you can receive up to $500.


With your approval, ecoMVMNT will create a marketing plan and financial revenue forecast on your behalf at no charge.

Be part of the ecoMVMNT and make a difference.  Why? It’s Your Future.

For More Information on ecoMVMNT's Innovation Program