Briiv's Pros Over Dyson

  • Briiv is made from 90% natural materials, including a bio-plastic base.  Dyson is made from plastic and their HEPA filters are harmful to the environment as they contain plastic and adhesives.
  • Briiv's filters are compostable.  Dyson’s filters are not compostable, cannot be recycled, and add to landfill.
  • Briiv only runs on 5W so it is extremely energy efficient to run.  Dyson is 63W and 12.6 times higher in energy consumption.
  • Briiv's annual filter bundler replacement is under $80 CAD. Dyson's filter replacement is between $100 and $150 as the filters need to be changed every 3 to 6 depending on usage.
  • Briiv has won multiple international design awards
  • Briiv is "B Corp Certified".  Dyson is not.