Hi Brondell,

My reason for contacting you is that my company, ecoMVMNT in Toronto, Canada, is focused on environmental consumer products that are making a difference to our environment.  In 2023, we launched as a Canadian distributor and market our 'Environmentally Approved Products' to Canadian consumers via social media channels, major retail stores, and trade shows.

During our global eco-product research we read about Brondell and your environmental products - Water Filtration, Shower Filtration and Nebia Earth Mat.  Congratulations for your proactive initiatives in producing environmental products. 

We recently and successfully launched exclusively in Canada the awarding-winning and eco-certified air purifier, Briiv, from the United Kingdom and a sustainable eco-certified SmartWatch, Sequent, powered by natural light, from Switzerland.

I'd very much like the opportunity to speak to someone at Brondell about our interest in distributing, selling and marketing some of your eco-products in Canada.  I look forward to your reply at your earliest convenience and thank you for your time and help.


Paul Bolté
Owner, ecoMVMNT
Email: paul@ecomvmnt.ca
Phone: 416-558-0353