In 2019 Canadians generated the most waste per capita of all countries - more than 1.3 billion metric tons or 36.1 tons per person. Proudly Canadian, FoodCycler is working with municipalities and commercial businesses to reduce the volumes ofvfood waste that they produce daily. ecoMVMNT has given FoodCycler their “Environmental Seal of Approval” based on their proven track record of reducing foodvwaste by up to 90% and turning food scraps into eco-friendly soil.

Commercial Solution
Reduce Waste by Up to 90%
Divert your organic waste by transforming it into an all-natural soil amendment.


What We Offer As An Eco-Solution

A SCALEABLE SOLUTION - Few solutions are one-size-fits-all. That's why FoodCycler™ has a team of dedicated waste specialists that will co-design a solution with you to suit your needs.

WHITE GLOVE SERVICE - The ecoMVMNT and FoodCycler™ Team will be there to walk you through any questions you have, and to provide high-quality support to your project.

UNBEATABLE SAVINGS - With waste hauling costs rising each year, FoodCycler™ reduces your organic waste costs now and insulates you from price increases in the future. Lower and lock-in your waste costs today.

Farm Boy Supermarket

In their 2019 pilot, Farm Boy partnered with FoodCycler™ to eliminate their organic waste onsite in a Farm-To-Table, Table-To-Farm circular economy program.

For More Information on FoodCycler’s Commercial Eco-Program