Zero Waste Recycle Program

ecoMVMNT's new environmental initiative is an all-in-one recycling solution that collects e-waste materials and sends the raw materials to their recycling partner which is then recycled and reused instead of going directly to landfills. 

When the recycling partner receives e-waste materials from ecoMVNT each raw material goes through a process to ensure that it's used again.

  • PLASTICS are separated by number, melted down, and turned into pellets that can be molded and extruded to produce new products
  • METALS are separated by type and smelted into ingots for reuse
  • GLASS is cleaned and sorted by colour for processing. It is then crushed and melted to be used in new glass products

Mobile Tech 
ecoMVMNT's first Zero Waste Recycle Program is for Mobile Tech.  When customer's purchase Nimble mobile chargers ecoMVMNT encourages their customers to collect their old mobile phones and mail them to ecoMVMNT at no charge.