Reencle is a home food composter not a food 'dehydrator'. With Reencle's patented microbes, food waste breaks down effortlessly 24/7 for continuous decomposition.  Reencle allows consumers to not only reduce their food waste by up to 90%, which would normally go to landfills, but it also allows home owners to use Reencle's organic composting (soil) to be mixed with garden soil for their plants, gardens, and lawns. 

Food Composting Industry & Reencle

  • The Global Household Food Waste Composting Machine Market was valued at USD $3.0 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach USD $4.9 billion by 2030.  The global market is forecasted to grow CAGR 6.3% over the forecast period.
  • Reencle, manufactured in South Korea, stands out as the leading microorganism composter in a very competitive market.  Reencle has captured a significant share in the Korean market with over 60,000 units sold in 2023 and $32 million USD.
  • Reencle also manufacturers a commercial food composter for restaurants, grocery stores, and other food establishments.
  • Reencle launched in the USA in November 2022 and in 2023 Reencle has sold over 4,200 units, nearly $2,000,000 USD in sales.
  • Reencle's main competitors are Lomi and FoodCycler but they are a Food Dehydrator not a Food Composter.  They do not use microorganisms to begin the composting process. 
  • In 2023, 51 units were sold in Canada by a small online e-commerce company, including Canadian customers ordering Reencle through Reencle's US website.

Reencle Canada - ecoMVMNT
1.  Distribution Retail Partnerships

After successfully testing the Reencle Food Composter and discussions with Reencle's (S. Korea) executive management, ecoMVMNT has been given the opportunity to be the exclusive Canadian distributor for the next three years - 2024-2026.

The official launch of Reencle in January 2024, ecoMVMNT will be marketing and showcasing Reencle at major trade shows and retailers in the first quarter of 2024.  ecoMVMNT will continue to add more retailers (major and independent) through out 2024.

Reencle Canada - ecoMVMNT
2. Marketing Initiatives

The first trade show (B2B) in 2024 is Toronto Market Week (TMW), where major and independent retailers and buyers will be attending.  ecoMVMNT will be launching Reencle at TMW and TMW will be officially announcing Reencle as a new enviromental home product in Canada.    

ecoMVMNT and Reencle will be at two major consumer trade shows in March.  ecoMVMNT will also be introducing Reencle with targeted marketing initiatives focused on promoting, selling and raising the awareness of Reencle in Canada.

  • Press Release - February
  • Social Media (non-paid):  Instagram & Facebook - weekly posts - over 8,000 followers 
  • Email Marketing:  weekly Reencle news, special offers - 900 ecoMVMNT members
  • Home & Food Influencers:  TBD
  • Special offers and articles with retailers, i.e. Best Buy and Walmart
  Reencle Canada - ecoMVMNT
3. Revenue & Expense Forecast
January - March 2024

As part of the 3-year Canadian distributor agreement ecoMVMNT is required to purchase 108 Reencle units (27 units x 4 pallets) before the units are shipped from South Korea to Canada.  Attached is a detailed outline of the:

  • monthly marketing initiatives and units sold
  • revenue forecast
  • expenses:  units and shipping 
 Revenue Expenses Net
$32,942 - ecoMVMNT $38,061 - Reencle Units
$25,042 - Retailers $  3,907 - Shipping
$57,984 - TOTAL  $41,968 - TOTAL  $16,016 (28%)