Is PlanetCare filter compatible with my washing machine?
PlanetCare filters are compatible with all types of washing machines: HE/high efficiency, standard, front loaders, and top loaders.
However, it can happen (very rarely, but still!) that your washing machine is an exception and might not work with a PlanetCare filter. In such cases, we do our best to help you make it work. In most cases we're successful and if we're not, you can return the filter and get a full refund.

Can a clogged filter damage my washing machine?
No, the filter cannot damage the machine. The flow through the filter will become more restricted the longer it is used to the point that water flow will be too low for normal functioning (draining) of the machine.
The machine will detect a blockage of the drain path and will automatically stop, reporting an error. After replacement of the used filter cartridge normal function can be resumed. The stopping of the machine is a safety feature of the machine and does not damage the machine.

Does it matter what type of detergent I'm using?
To ensure the best filter performance, we highly recommend you use only liquid detergents. They dissolve completely and won’t compromise the efficiency of your microfibre filter.
On the other hand, powder detergents contain ingredients that don’t dissolve and will get caught by your filter. This might affect the durability of the cartridges. If you do decide to use powder detergents, we recommend you avoid overdosing to keep this effect to a minimum.

Are there any chemicals used in the filter?
No chemicals are used in the construction or the functioning of the filter. Fibre retention is based solely on physical retention with the help of our patent-pending technology.

How does the filtration process work?
The filtration proceeds by physical capture of fibres through a material with small openings. Due to the elongated form of fibres filtering of fibres is very specific so nominal opening size does not represent a sharp cutoff. In-depth (3D) filtering in several steps is used to extend filter durability and fibre retention.

Does the filter require energy for its function?
No. The filter is a passive device that uses the pumping action of the washing machine.

Other questions?
If you have other questions about PlanetCare please email us at