The Sequent Swiss Watch emerges as the ultimate Christmas gift for the eco-healthy and tech minded. Presenting the newest shelf-charging technology that transforms body movement into electrical power. 

ecoMVMNT is proud to be launching Sequent in Canada on November 24thSequent invented the first self-charging smartwatch powered by you and Sequent watches are designed and hand assembled in Switzerland ensuring outstanding quality and expertise craftmanship.

All Sequent watches are equipped with the newest self-charging SC 2.2 movement technology, that transforms body movement into electrical power thus supplying the watch with virtually infinite power reserve. The watch features the newest activity tracking technologies, heart rate sensors, blood oxygen level monitoring and records your sport sessions.

The Sequent Electron and SuperCharger® smart automatic watch is the first of its kind and has:

  • only 8 parts, no gears and no screws,
  • therefore, sets a new standard in the watch industry because it needs no mechanical maintenance,
  • it’s the first automatic movement that transforms kinetic energy into electrical power, to supply the watch with virtually infinite power reserve,
  • boasts a standby time of more than 2 years,
  • is ultra-precise of ±0.3 seconds a day
  • Oxygo® app to store all your activities
  • has an opening in the centre, to place the newest heart rate sensor while maintaining the beauty of the open case back.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact
“Sequent has received ecoMVMNT’s Environmental Seal of Approval for using recycled materials from ocean waste and sugar cane production and searching for new ways to make their product cleaner.", says Paul Bolté, Managing Partner of ecoMVMNT, “Sequent has also been certified by for offsetting its carbon footprint for the manufacturing of its products and further offsetting their carbon footprint 10 times more than required"
About Sequent
Sequent is a Swiss start-up, based in Basel, Switzerland. The company has invented the first smart self-charging watch, powered with an automatic self-winding movement, that transforms gravity into electrical power. Therefore, Sequent merges traditional watchmaking with cutting edge smart technologies to provide watch lovers the “Swiss way” of making a smartwatch.

About ecoMVMNT
ecoMVMNT, a Canadian eco-e-commerce company, researches consumer products and has a results-based process for evaluating a company’s eco-product(s) in determining if they receive ecoMVMNT’s “Environmental Seal of Approval” before marketing environmentally approved products to eco-conscious consumers. 

For More Details Contact:  Paul Bolté, Managing Partner, ecoMVMNT


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