Why ecoMVMNT gives back?
ecoMVMNT is a strong advocate in environmental initiatives and finding solutions when major problems affect our day-to-day living, such as the environment.  As a new company we strongly believe in giving back and making a difference now and for future generations.  As we are facing serious climate pollution problems, ecoMVMNT recognizes Environmental Defence as a strong voice to communicate our eco-problems and as advocates for eco-solutions with positive results. 

We are proud to partner and support Environmental Defence's environmental initiatives: 
Environmental Defence is a leading Canadian charity organization that works with government, industry, and individuals to defend clean water, a safe climate, and healthy communities.​ ecoMVMNT has partnered with Environmental Defence to increase the awareness of climate pollution in Canada. Thanks to our eco-conscious customers 2% of ecoMVMNT’s sales will be going to Environmental Defence to end Climate Pollution in CanadaLEARN MORE >>