U of T Plastic Clean-Up Lake Ontario
The University of Toronto Team of students, researchers, volunteers and staff should be applauded for the work they did last year (May to October) in picking up plastic trash from Lake Ontario. 
In total, they collected 33 kilograms of plastic pollution which is equal to approximately 3,400 plastic bottles....  plastic film, plastic fragments, bottle caps, including cigarette butts and cigar tips. There were also single-use plastics such as food packages and stir sticks.
It is quite incredible the amount of plastic U of T picked up but it's also very sad that they had to.   If U of T is doing this again this year I hope they dramatically pick up less than 33 kilograms.  This would be a great indicator if Torontonians are making efforts to clean up their own city or not.  I'm betting on less but I'm really praying to God it is less.   

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