TOP 10 Corporate Plastic Polluters

After reading who the Top 10 Corporate Plastic Polluters are will you think differently about buying their products in the future? We welcome your feedback.
Break Free From Plastic is a not-for-profit organization that gathered data from 11,000+ volunteers across 45 countries and 440+ beach cleanups. Over 330,000 pieces of plastic were collected and Coca-Cola was the worst plastic polluter for the fourth consecutive year.

ecoMVMNT recognizes that Coca-Cola probably produces more plastic bottles in the world but our question is what is Coca-Cola doing to reverse this serious plastic problem because they need to fix this problem now or else? Also, what's very sad in this report is how much human-beings and companies litter.

Thank you Break Free From Plastic for the countless hours of work you've taken to bring this major corporate plastic problem to all of us.

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