#3 - ecoPlan For the People of Ontario
PROBLEM - Waste and Landfills are major contributors to GHG emissions and climate pollution. Facts...
  1. Canada generates more waste/capita than any other country in the world
  2. By 2032, Ontario’s landfills will be exhausted
  3. Landfills produce 50% CO2 and 50% methane emissions. Methane emissions account for 20% of Canada’s total and is 25 times more potent than CO2
  4. Less than 10% of plastic is recycled and nearly 40% of food waste and plastic combined accounts for landfill waste

SOLUTION – To not only reduce GHG emissions but to aggressively reduce waste/capita and seek technology solutions in diverting waste to landfills and the goal to eliminate landfills entirely. ‘Building Ontario’s Eco-Plan for The People of Ontario’ proposes the following initiatives and welcomes your comments and eco-recommendations…
  1. Ontario government to work with waste management experts, i.e. Ontario Waste Management Ass., in incentivizing the industry to reduce GHG emissions by developing and expanding renewable natural gas projects and recycling facilities and setting GHG targets that must be achieved or fined.
  2. Ontario government to work with food waste management experts, i.e. FoodCycler, in reducing the amount of food waste from household and commercial that’s going to landfills
  3. Besides federal initiatives, the Ontario government stops the production and distribution of single-use plastic unless the manufacturer or distributor’s plastic will 100% degrade into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass and/or have a certified plastic recycling program.

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