Pepsi Vs Coca-Cola - Plastic Recycle Challenge
This is a First...Plastic Recycle Challenge...Pepsi Vs Coca-Cola...and The Winner?
First of all, a couple of stats...
In the USA, carbonated soft drink (CSD) Coca-Cola market share - Coca-Cola 45% and Pepsi 26%, so Coca-Cola is definitely producing more plastic bottles versus Pepsi.
Globally, Coca-Cola produces 200,000 plastic bottles/minute and Pepsi an estimated 150,000/minute

So who wins the "Plastic Recycle Challenge" based on corporate 'Promises'?  ecoMVMNT says "Pepsi".  Do you agree?
By 2030, Pepsi will use 50% recycled plastic versus only 25% of Coca-Cola's beverages will be in refillable bottles versus single-use plastic bottles.

Pepsi may be leading in plastic recycling but unfortunately, it's not enough in 2030 eco-targets.  We do congratulate Pepsi on their goal by 2025 to have ALL of their packaging be 100% recyclable, compostable or degradable.  Pepsi, one way for you to increase your market share in North America is to convert ALL plastic bottles to 100% 'Plastic Recycled Bottles' by 2030.  Are you up for the CHALLENGE?!!  

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