Ontario To Burn More Fossil Fuels
As I prepare to post next week about the PC Party of Ontario's Environmental Plan I received a message from Environmental Defence about ONTARIO IS PREPARING TO BURN MORE FOSSIL FUELS.
Currently gas accounts for only 8% of Ontario's power generation but if Doug Ford gets his way by 2040 gas will be powering 25% of Ontario's electricity.  So what does that mean?  Carbon emissions from gas power plants will go up by more than 600% by 2040 compared to 2017 levels!
Carbon emissions are supposed to go down not up Mr. Ford, effective immediately and for my children and future generations.  If this is true then The People of Ontario will make the next decision in less than 100 days.  

If you want to TAKE ACTION then click the link telling Doug Ford and the PCs to phase out dirty gas and not burn more  TAKE ACTION

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