Food Composter Making A Difference

Are you doing anything in composting your daily household food waste?  We welcome your comments.

Food waste is a major environmental issue and Canadians generate more waste/capita than any other country in the world.  The FoodCycler is a major solution to a serious problem as this energy-efficient food composter will reduce your food waste by 90%.  My family used the FoodCycler for two months and avoided more than 100 pounds of food waste going through the municipal pick-up waste system....that's nearly 700lbs annually!!

Watch the video to see how the FoodCycler works, where our eco-soil chips went, and how MORE THAN 90 MILLION LBS of FOOD WASTE can be turned into eco-soil and stop national methane emissions coming from the decomposition of organic food waste in landfills.  

Click to watch the video FoodCycler Making A Difference


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