EFW - Young Canadian Sophia Mathur
Proud to be a Canadian when you read about Sophia Mathur who was recently honoured by 'Action For Nature' as a 2021 International Young Eco-Hero. We are excited to announce Sophia as our 3rd Young Canadian EFW.
Since the age of 7 (half her life!) Sophia has been a climate activist for not only young people but for all the people in Canada and around the world. Sophia started 'Friday for Future' movement in Canada thanks to Greta Thunberg and has led virtual events on climate initiatives with MPs, MPPs, and has directly questioned the PM and Deputy PM on climate plans and targets.
She is currently heading a youth team on suing the Ontario government for allegedly weakening Ontario's 2030 climate target. Sophia, ecoMVMNT's got your vote and will help and support your climate initiatives in any way we can. We look forward to hearing more of your climate initiatives in 2022 as we need to make environmental changes NOW.

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