ecoMVMNT Leadership - Canadian Will Gadd
I was googling 'Canadian environmentalists' and read about a Canadian that was named "UN Environment Mountain Hero" for helping scientists better understand how the Arctic ice is changing - Canadian world-class athlete and adventurer Will Gadd.
Will has personally seen close up on how our climate is changing as ice in his world is literally disappearing faster than ever due to global warming.  As an advocate for climate change, Will is personally and professionally making a strong effort in voicing his climate initiatives through his network of communication channels. I encourage you to read his blog on 'what I can do about climate change' at or Instagram @realwillgadd
We talk about the need to reduce our carbon footprint globally, but Will inspires us to create our own personal carbon footprint (CF).  At ecoMVMNT we embrace Will's personal CF ingenuity and inspire you to do the same. Will's goal is to get to 50% or less of his 2019 CF by 2021 and neutral by 2025.  Check out what Will is doing in reaching his goals and consider doing the same...I am!  My question to Will, "did you reach your 2021 CF?"  I'm confident I know what your answer will be!    
We have a large mountain to climb to achieve our climate targets by 2050 but personal efforts by environmental leaders like Will Gadd we will and we must reach the top for current and future generations. 

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