Driverless Trucks Coming Soon To A Highway Near You!
One day you'll be on the highway driving by a long-haul truck going 105 km and a human being is not behind the wheel. Keep your eyes on the road because it's already happening in Texas, USA

In Texas, driverless trucks are set to take over roads as Texas passed a law in 2018 that gave autonomous cars the same status as conventional vehicles.

Driverless Trucks benefit the financial bottom-line. Normally it will take a truck driver behind the wheel approximately 3-days to travel from Los Angeles to Dallas, while a self-driving truck will complete the journey in 24 hours. Also, it will be nearly twice as cheap ($ gas/mile) if the truck drives itself.

The bad news is driverless trucks will threaten more than 300,000 trucking jobs in the USA and eventually in Canada. And will driverless trucks reduce highway accidents and if they cause an accident then watch lawsuits accelerate...pardon the pun.

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