Building Ontario's Environmental Plan:  NDP Party of Ontario

Nearly a year ago, Andrea Horwath and the NDP Party announced what they called as the 'Boldest-Ever Climate Plan for Ontario'.  First of all, what I like about the plan is THEY HAVE AN ENVIRONMENTAL PLAN just like the Green Party of Ontario.  Another reason I like this plan is they spent a year listening and getting input and ideas from industry experts, labour, climate scientists, First Nations, educators and everyday Ontarians.   

“The climate crisis is the greatest threat our world faces, but it’s also an incredible opportunity. It’s an opportunity not only to go green, but to shift to a more sustainable job-rich and just economy,” said Andrea Horwath.

The NDP has eight climate initiatives in their environmental plan, the following are five of their eco-initiatives…

  1. A mandate for all newly built public, residential and commercial buildings to be net-zero emissions by 2030, alongside a world-leading building retrofit program
  2. Ontario’s first zero-emissions vehicle strategy, ramping up electric vehicle sales to hit a 100 per cent target by 2035
  3. Electrifying all municipal transit by 2040
  4. Establishing Ontario’s first Youth Climate Corps
  5. Planting one billion trees by 2030

When you announce a major environmental-economic plan the immediate question is can the People of Ontario afford the 'Boldest-Ever Climate Plan'?  The focus of what ecoMVMNT is doing is not about the cost of an environmental plan (cost comes later), but to seek out what all parties are proposing (or not proposing) in reducing GHG emissions and get a team consensus of the top five environmental initiatives that the People of Ontario can embrace and understand.  ecoMVMNT’s environmental initiative is also for every person that votes in the upcoming provincial election to know what each party's eco-plan is before they enter the ballot box.  

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