Coca-Cola Plastic Reduction
Coca-Cola announced that 25% of their beverages will be in refillable bottles (reused 20-40 times) by 2030, up from a current 16%. While it's great to see that Coca-Cola is making efforts to reduce single-use plastic waste IT'S NOT ENOUGH.

Nearly 50% of Coca-Cola's bottles are single-use PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles, generating 3 million tons of plastic annually = to 200,000 bottles/minute.

A 9% reduction from now until 2030 again is still not enough, so I challenge Coca-Cola to cut their single-use plastic from 200,000 bottles/minute to 100,000 by 2030 and ZERO by 2050. By doing this you will be demonstrating Environmental Leadership to your consumers, your shareholders, and your bottom line. "Make It Real" - Coca-Cola's 2005 slogan.

Hey, what's Coca-Cola's major competitor, Pepsi, doing to reduce plastic waste? I'll tell you next week..."The Pepsi Vs Coke Plastic Challenge"!!

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