Building Ontario's Environmental Plan:  PC Party of Ontario

My great uncle was the former Premier of Ontario, George Drew, and if he was here today I know he would be extremely disappointed with the minimal efforts that Doug Ford and the PC MPPs are taking in reducing GHG emissions and providing the People of Ontario a cleaner environment now and for future generations.  Yes the PCs have a Made-in-Ontario Environmental Plan but you decide if their plan will significantly reduce GHG emissions...   

I saw Uncle George many times when I was a kid-teenager and he used to say to me, "It's not what I think is best for Ontario it is up to me to listen to the People of Ontario to determine policy planning."  No one will disagree with what he said, especially today, so let me provide you with what the PC's environmental plans are based on the above link and what they've done since 2018 as Ontario's GHG emissions rose for the first time in 10-yrs during the Ford government and it's forecasted that the PCs will achieve just 20% of the promised CO2 reductions by 2030. 


  1. Reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill 
  2. Keeping our water safe and clean 
  3. Holding polluters accountable 
  4. Supporting infrastructure development and ensuring eco-protection 
  5. Protecting natural spaces and species 


  1.  PCs prevented The People of Ontario from having a say on eco-policies by failing to follow the Environmental Bill of Rights 
  2. Accelerated plans for two highways through Ontario’s protected Greenbelt 
  3. Canceled the Drive Clean program 
  4. Doug Ford canceled electric vehicle incentives in 2018 but now has shifted gears – EV charging stations, EV manufacturing, but no EV incentives.  And canceled renewable energy programs, solar and wind 
  5. PCs weakened clean energy programs and investments and have bought gas plants 

To date, ecoMVMNT has provided what each Ontario Party’s Environmental Plans-Initiatives are except for the Liberal party as they currently do not have a plan.  Next week I will be providing one more non-political organization what their environmental initiatives are.  After that, I will summarize everything since beginning this journey last November at Queen’s Park and propose the next steps.  Stay tuned.  

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