Building Ontario's Environmental Plan:  Liberal Party of Ontario

I googled "Ontario Liberals Environmental Plan" and there was no direct link to their plan so I went to their website and their #1 priority on their home page was DONATIONS.  So I searched further and nothing, zippo, non-existent of the Liberals having an Environmental Plan and were six months away from a provincial election.

I am absolutely surprised to see NO Environmental Plan especially since they closed all Ontario coal plants a few years ago which dramatically reduced our GHG emissions and the Liberals introduced renewable energy - solar and wind - which unfortunately was a financial disaster. 

Over the past few months, there have been newspaper articles about Steven Del Duca criticizing Ford and the Conservative party for not dealing with climate change.  I'm sorry Mr. Del Duca but until you and the Liberal Party have an Environmental Plan on your website that the People of Ontario can read then stop criticizing others until you can support your criticism with environmental solutions.  I suggest and hope your party has a plan up very soon, like yesterday, and if not then very simply No Environmental Plan then No Vote.

Next Week:  NDP's Environmental Plan.  And yes they have a plan!  

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