Building Ontario's Environmental Plan:  Green Party of Ontario


ecoMVMNT reviewed the Green Party of Ontario’s climate plans-promises and overall very impressed with their environmental focus and initiatives on ten key areas in achieving NET ZERO by 2045.  The Green Party has a tremendous uphill challenge to be the next governing party of Ontario BUT whatever party wins the June 2022 election they MUST work with the Green Party in ensuring we reduce GHG emissions annually and with the goal to be NET ZERO by 2050 or the Green Party’s goal by 2045.  As mentioned in my video last week provincial parties MUST STOP FIGHTING amongst each other and work together to achieve climate targets “For The People Of Ontario”.  A perfect start is working together with the Green Party….hey, the name of their party says it all!

Here are five of the Green Party’s 10 climate initiatives in reducing GHG emissions in Ontario…

  1. Travel & Transport – 50% reduction of trucks and car emissions by 2030 and 3-times more public ‘electric’ transit trip -
  2. Clean Economy Investment – Ontario be an Eco-Leader by investing in EV manufacturing, low pollution travel, energy-efficient homes, sustainable forestry, energy storage -
  3. Zero Waste – Ban food waste from landfills, increase stringency of methane collection requirements -
  4. Clean Investment & Clean-Up – low-interest loans for lower carbon industries, disclosure of carbon footprint of all GHG materials, Buy Clean, grants for new green technology and matching program -
  5. Land and Nature – Protect Ontario’s wetlands, forests and watersheds to address the climate crisis -

Next Week:  The Ontario Liberal Party’s Environmental Plan

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