#5 - ecoPlan For the People of Ontario
Canadians spend 90% of their time indoors, making buildings an ever-present and essential part of modern living. In 2015, Canada’s building sector accounted for 17% of the country’s total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, but in Toronto buildings were responsible for 59% of Toronto's carbon emissions. The first year that the Ford government was in power GHG emissions rose for the first time in nearly a decade and there are no signs that the province's GHG emission will decline in the future.

1) While new and existing real estate developers are making efforts to incorporate better energy-efficient measures with new builds, the provincial government must propose aggressive GHG emission reduction measures that the private building sector supports

2) Retrofits are very expensive in order to reduce emissions by more than 40%. The government to create a Building GHG Fund and Financial Incentives for INNOVATION that is needed to lower the costs of retrofit technologies

3) Create a panel of public and private building experts with their sole objective to seek out innovative building technology (in Ontario, Canada or international) that helps to reduce GHG emissions and is affordable or requires long term incentives and/or funding for real estate developers and residents that live in Ontario. For example, the construction of a building that is an entire solar panel…window, shingles and walls!!

ecoMVMNT welcomes your comments and recommendation as We Build An Environmental Plan For The People Of Ontario.

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