#1 - ecoPlan For the People of Ontario

Stage 1 in Building our Environmental Plan we received great feedback especially from one individual recommending that we look at other countries that have aggressively reduced their CO2 emissions over the past 20-years+.  And we did! 

A developed country that has focused on reducing its CO2 or GHG emissions is Denmark.  Since 1996, Denmark has reduced their GHG emissions by 50% while doubling the size of its economy over the same time period.  Denmark is now committed to reducing GHGs emissions by 70% by 2030, considered as the “most ambitious climate goal in the world”.
How are they doing this?  Four primary environmental initiatives... 
1.  Reducing GHG in agriculture and forestry sectors.  Incentivizing farmers to adapt to less carbon-dense systems by 2030.  The gov't has passed and mandated this incentive under a new law 
2.  Incentives for the manufacturing industry to cut emissions while improving productivity
3.  Increase utilization of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind
4. Also, green transport and a shift to biogas.
Denmark has definitely demonstrated it can reduce GHG and are likely to achieve their 2030 goals based on their track record.  ecoMVMNT has added Denmark's eco-initiatives to the Ontario Environmental Plan. 
We welcome your feedback, comments, and eco-ideas as we Build an Environmental Plan For the People of Ontario.  Be part of the ecoMVMNT.

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